Our quest for innovation, research, and excellence provides the foundation for all Fim’s activities, and from the outset these have been linked to our commitment to civil society’s fundamental values: respect for the environment and observance of ethical principles.

One of the key assets for Fim is expressed in our corporate culture, in our relations with our partners along the chain of production, from the main materials to the final products. Fim is sensitive to requirements of eco-sustainability not only from a regulatory standpoint, but also as a key principle in its research activities. The company channels its efforts into discovering innovative materials and developing production processes designed to guarantee an industrial approach that increasingly respects the environment.

Materials are the words of a syntax of outdoor design that refers to the most advanced and refined design and aesthetic languages. Sustainability and durability find valid allies in stainless steel, in synthetic solution dyed acrylic fiber, in the solid lightness of aluminum and in powder coated or anodized frames to ensure a longer durability in time.

Always focused on quality, Fim produces high quality products with exceptional durability, thus contributing towards considerable savings. Cutting down on industrial recycling and the disposal of products actually saves materials, energy and emissions.