The garden and outdoor Umbrellas no longer has the simple outline they used to have in the past: they have now an aesthetic value, design and comfort as indoor Patio shade and further they assure high resistance to weathering.

The accurate selection of the raw materials is expressed with the use of satin stainless steel Inox for frames.
PVC and technical material maintain durability and color of the products used in harsh outdoor environment and remain unchanged over time.

The technical materials and Metal frames used exclusively for our items, is an inert material particularly for outdoor use, as it is subjected to variations due to temperature and atmospheric agents. Waterproof Acrylic fabric and Solution dyed fabric are the best, to guarantee high quality. Tested against harsh outdoor weathers the traction, compression, durability and abrasion remain unchanged. Special acrylic fabric & Micro mesh fabrics are 100% tested for outdoor use, and have remained top of the line over long period of time.

Aluminum and stainless steel high quality products and mechanism remain functional and weather degradation deterrent over time.